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Health Services

Pinnacle High School is dedicated to providing each student the opportunity to maximize their learning potential by supporting a safe and healthy school environment through our health and nutrition programs. 

Continued reinforcement of health and nutrition education provides the foundation for students to gain the critical skills needed to adopt, practice, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Food Deliveries/Birthdays

Per school policy and for the safety of you and your student, we only accept food deliveries from a parent/guardian. Students will not be able to wait in the front office area or anywhere else for food deliveries. Items may be left in the front office by parents in the shelving area provided. The Maricopa County Department of Environmental Services requires that food brought into the classroom for snacks and parties come from a commercial source. Items should be individually wrapped to avoid bare hand contact with the food. If the items are not individually wrapped, such as cookies or cupcakes from a bakery, an adult wearing disposable gloves must serve the food. To minimize classroom disruptions, we do not deliver items, food, or messages to the classroom, or call students out of class. Coaches are expected to make the proper arrangements with parents and/or vendors for any team lunches during school hours.

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The Nutrition and Wellness Department provides nutritious meals and support to complement the learning process. All district schools participate in the National School Breakfast and Lunch programs. Menus are analyzed annually to ensure they meet standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Pinnacle High School serves meals that meet USDA guidelines to provide essential nutrients with 30 percent or fewer calories from fat. Free and reduced-price meal applications are available in school cafeterias and offices. Applications for free or reduced-price meals are available at every school's front office and the cafeteria, or you can download an application via our Lunch Menus webpage. For faster processing, return the completed application to the school cafeteria manager.

Lunch Menus & Nutrition Information