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Parking Information

Parking and Student Automobile Use

Pinnacle High School has limited parking available to students. Only authorized senior and junior students holding a valid parking permit will be allowed to park on campus in a school designated student parking lot. Discipline and attendance will be considered for a student to maintain a parking permit. A student may have a parking permit revoked during the school year if she/he accumulates more than one suspension or any combination of four or more discipline or attendance referrals. Students must follow the parking guidelines contract signed when issued a parking permit. At the end of each school year, students who will be seniors and juniors in the fall are given the opportunity to express their interest in purchasing a parking pass. Student disciplinary records will be reviewed for parking eligibility for the following year. Students who have more than one suspension or a combination of four or more discipline/attendance referrals may not be eligible for a parking permit or lottery participation.

Eligible seniors will be given priority to obtain a parking permit. Any remaining available parking spaces / permits will be issued to eligible junior students chosen at random in a lottery drawing. Parking spaces in the student parking area(s) are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be no assigned spaces. All PVUSD high schools assess a parking permit fee of $100 in accordance with District regulations. The parking fee is for any registered automobile or motorcycle. Parking Permit Form

  • Students wishing to drive to school and park on campus must follow these procedures:

  • Register your vehicle (see the Assistant Principal).

  • Pay the District’s parking fee (you must have no outstanding balance with the PHS Finance Office).

  • Place sticker/parking permit on the driver's side bottom left corner front windshield.

  • Follow safe driving practices to and from school and on school grounds.

  • Immediately report any accidents (including minor fender benders), or other incidents of concern to campus security or administration so that they are aware and can assist as needed.

  • Abide by all school rules and procedures to maintain eligibility.

  • Students who drive themselves are reminded to sign in immediately upon arrival in the attendance office if a parent has called them due to an appointment, illness, etc.; otherwise, they will be considered truant.

PHS Administration may revoke student parking permits at any time for parking or driving violations or other disciplinary infractions. Parking permit fees will not be refunded when parking permits are revoked. Parking permits will be revoked for the remainder of the year if a student is suspended for drugs or alcohol.

Automobile/Parking Violations:

  • Leaving school without permission or without checking out through the attendance office.

  • Entering the student parking lot or going to a student vehicle without administrative permission.

  • Accumulating 4 or more disciplinary or attendance referrals or more than 1 suspension including unexcused attendance, tardy referrals, in-school or off-campus suspensions. Failing to park in assigned areas.

  • Parking without registering a vehicle. Passing/ “lending” a non-transferable parking permit to another student (including a sibling).

  • Driving recklessly, speeding, behaving inappropriately, or being discourteous to other drivers, parents, visitors, staff, or pedestrians in any form. Parking on campus without a parking tag.

  • The first offense will result in a day of in-school suspension. A second offense will result in the student being ineligible for a parking pass the following year.

  • Pinnacle High School assumes no liability for vehicles damaged by vandalism or by accidents while on school property.

  • Keep your car locked. Do not leave books or other valuables in your car.

  • Pinnacle and PV School District are not responsible for theft or damage.

  • Vehicles may not leave the parking lot and are not to be used / visited for any purpose during school hours. Do not park or drive in an unauthorized area.

Good Neighbor Policy: Off-Campus Parking

We uphold a good neighbor policy with the surrounding community. Students are not to park in the surrounding community during the school day; doing so may impact eligibility for a future Pinnacle parking pass. Students who choose to park in off limits areas such as neighboring side streets or in the driveways of vacated properties may be subject to penalty, boot, and/or tow in accordance with City of Phoenix parking or trespassing laws.

Student Pedestrians    

Students walking/riding to school must obey the traffic signals and stay within the crosswalk when moving across the street. Bicycle racks are available in the east student parking lot near the gymnasium. Student who bring skateboards/bicycles to school cannot ride them on campus.